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Blinken says China may give weapons to Russia in Ukraine war

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According to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, China is considering sending Russia arms and ammunition for the conflict in Ukraine.

According to Mr. Blinken, CBS News has learned that Chinese businesses are already giving Russia “non-lethal support” and that Beijing may do so in the future.

He warned that this escalation would have “severe ramifications” for China.

China has refuted claims that Russia has asked for military hardware.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has not immediately denounced Russia’s invasion but has called for peace and sought to maintain neutrality.

After meeting Wang Yi, China’s senior diplomat, on Saturday at the Munich Security Conference, Mr. Blinken spoke with CBS.

He said that he “very worried” about the “possibility that China will send fatal material support to Russia” during the conference.

“China businesses have so far helped Russia in Ukraine without using lethal force. Our current worry stems from knowledge that they are considering offering fatal support, “added said.

He didn’t go into detail regarding the specific intelligence the US had about China’s prospective plans. When questioned about what the US thought China might contribute to Russia, he responded that it would mostly be weapons and ammunition.

The Wagner Group, a mercenary organisation that provides Russia with hundreds of men, is accused of receiving satellite footage of Ukraine from a Chinese corporation, for which the US has imposed sanctions.

According to Mr. Blinken, there is “clearly no separation between private firms and the state in China.”

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He added that it would be “major difficulty for us and in our relationship” if China gave Russia weapons.

As a result of the US shooting down an alleged Chinese surveillance balloon in early February, relations between Washington and Beijing were already tense. Notwithstanding the heated remarks that were said, both parties appeared ashamed by the situation and eager to move on.

Yet, US-Chinese ties would worsen significantly if China were to send weaponry to support Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

The purpose of Mr. Blinken’s warning appears to be to prevent China from taking that action.

Also, Mr. Blinken stated that the US was concerned about China assisting Russia in evading Western sanctions intended to harm Russia’s economy. Russia’s largest market for its oil, gas, and coal is China, where bilateral commerce has increased.

Tanks are among the weaponry, ammunition, and equipment being sent to Ukraine by NATO members, including the US. They have refrained from deploying fighter jets, and Mr. Blinken declined to comment on whether the US would assist other nations in providing jets.

He declared, “We have been very clear that we should not fixate or focus on any one weapons system.”

Nevertheless, he said that the West needed to make sure Ukraine had the resources it would need “in the months ahead” for a future counteroffensive against Russia. In the eastern parts of Ukraine, where some of the war’s hardest combat has occurred, Russia is currently attempting to push.

According to Reuters, Mr. Wang claimed yesterday in Munich that China has “neither stood by quietly nor thrown fuel on the fire” for the Ukraine crisis.

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